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FERC's Union AFGE Local 421


Established over 75 years ago, our local was most recently certified by the DOL in 1978 as the Exclusive Representative for FERC’s nationwide bargaining unit composed of all non-supervisory GS and WG employees including Professionals. => Union is only one that can negotiate changes in working conditions, etc on your behalf

Currently, only about 15 percent of (or 1 in 6) bargaining unit employees (which you are) are members and pay dues to the local.  As a result, we struggle to get management to listen to us.  Generally, a union must have a membership of over 40 percent of eligible employees to get management’s respect and attention.  Because of this, we have to work harder when we advocate contrary positions or defend employees treated unjustly.

Note: All bargaining unit employees are represented by the Union whether they are dues paying members or not.  But the Union is obligated to spend money (attorneys, arbitration) only for members

Many unions have officials who can devote full time to union activities.  DOL’s union has four full-time attorneys.  Management has denied Local 421’s requests to have even one full-time union official.  Local 421 is constantly looking for attorneys willing to assist us in representing employees.  All Local 421 officials – board members and stewards – serve as volunteers and must keep up with their FERC work as well.

I encourage you to join even though new employees have a one to two year probationary period during which the Agency can terminate your employment and the Union can do little about those decisions.

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Come to our monthly meeting.  It's a great way to get to know AFGE members and hear about what's going on

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